Toy Factory

from by Thomas Tissot

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Here in the Toy Factory there’s lots of fun and games
Here in the toy factory everyone knows your name
My name’s Ted!
I’m Susie!
I go by Chad!
Call me Steph!

Here in the Toy Factory, there’s adventures to be had
Here in the Toy Factory, there’s fun for lass and lad
So many different types of toys
You’ll never want to leave
Stay with us your entire life
Even though your parents will grieve

Balls and dolls and bicycles and tricycles
Squirt guns? Big ones!
Teddy bears? Fluffy ones!
Puzzles and hula hoops and board games too!
Everyone’s in here, now where are you?
Here in the Toy Factory we eat candy every day
We have our little dentist play sets, so our teeth will stay OK
Gumballs for breakfast!
I like chocolate!
Hooray for jellybeans!

Here in the Toy Factory we never go to school
You’ll never get in any trouble
There really are no rules
You can write on the walls and run through the halls and make a big ‘ole mess
Just promise us you’ll never leave
‘Cuz that would leave us depressed


Planes and trains and pinball and stickball
Army men? Green ones!
Building blocks? Big ones!
Remote control cars and ping-pong too
Everyone’s in here now where are you?
Please come inside and live here with us
We’d love if you stay to play games with us
Please come inside and live here with us
We invite you to stay and never leave us
Please don’t leave us
Never leave us


from Some Halloween Music, released November 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Thomas Tissot California

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